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Evil Clowns

Like the Masons, the Clowns have a super-secret society with apparently odd rituals.

The Clowns began in medieval England as a Celtic tribe called the "Klauns" who scared off their enemies by painting their faces white, their noses red, making their hair really curly and red, and wearing oversized shoes so that their opponents would be frightened and thereby easily defeated.

Remember Kids - Satan Loves YouThis clown was first in line to receive the mark of the beast - 666The Clown at Midnight - Remember this movie?

Around 1230, after meeting with Pope Gregory IX, the tribe now calling themselves the "Klowns" decided to change their approach to the world and over the next 200 years began to be known for being "funny and harmless," thereby lulling the world into a false sense of security.

The Mymes, being the only tribe who didn't follow the Pope's advice, are still loathed to this day.

So, are clowns evil? I offer an indefaticable "yes."

Possibly the world's ugliest clown One Evil Clown!Unspeakable Evil!

In May-June of 1981, phantom clowns with pictures of the Devil on the front of their costumes chased children and tried to lure them into vans.

Reports were coming in across America, from Boston, Pittsburgh, Omaha, and Kansas City. Though the police investigated this extensively, they could never capture or find any of the phantom clowns.

I'll pass on this movieMafia Hitman ClownIt's Not funny - Respect your elders!

News Excerpt: "A star clown for one of the nation's largest traveling circuses is under arrest after being caught on videotape having sex with a teenage boy, police said today.

The clown was arrested early Saturday in a home here after allegedly sodomizing a 16-year-old boy. Investigators said the incident was captured on a surveillance camera installed by the boy's father"

We're going for a little ride kiddies!Voodoo clown at Marde Gras?   I've got my eye on you

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Pictures of Clowns - Clown Pictures - Are Clowns Evil?